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Hammond X66 for Wersi OAS
We've captured the unique sound from a original Hammond X66 organ. For the first time ever you ..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
Based on 4 reviews.
Klaus 60s Hammond H100
We've captured the unique Klaus Wunderlich sounds from the 60's and resampled the Hammond H100, ..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
Klaus Favorite Spectra
This sample pack is the best we have for Wersi Spectra lovers. The famous Wersi Spectra Sound that w..
Ex Tax: 125.00€
Spectra One
Spectra One is the litle brother from the Klaus Favorites soundpack. It contains dedicated Spectra s..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
Cathedral Soundpack
The Cathedral soundpack is our best selling soundpack. Real warm churchorgan sounds that you&nb..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
Do you have great sample sounds and want them converted to be used in Wersi OAS instruments. Th..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
JSmith Hammond B3
This High Definition voice pack gives you the sounds of Jimmy Smith and his Hammond B3 organ. Roarin..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
Orchestra Soundpack
This is our brand new Orchestra soundpack. Well love it and almost don't use the factory voices anym..
Ex Tax: 99.00€
Based on 3 reviews.
Technics FA1 soundpack
The Technics FA1 was the best organ Technics has ever produced. We have captured this wunderful..
Ex Tax: 79.00€
The Mighty Wurlitzer
This pack will give your OAS a full Wurlitzer Theater organ. This sample soundpack contains 30! ..
Ex Tax: 149.00€
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