Installing the sounds


Yamaha Tyros instruments:

You need at least sample memory 512Mb extra memory installed in your Tyros keyboard to use our sounds. 1Gb is even better because then you will have more space to store more sounds.

Press voice creator on the keyboard panel next to the screen.

Select Library Load – this loads all of the voices into your keyboard at once. Remember to backup your existing sounds as our pack may overwrite your existing sounds!

Use tab to navigate to the USB option on the screen

Select the pack name (the pack name you have purchased) and press LOAD or Assign on earlier Tyros models. On older tyros models you will now have to click OK.

Our voices will now load into your keyboard. PLEASE ENSURE you have a backup of any sounds on the keyboard as we cannot be held responsible should you overwrite your existing sounds.



Press Quickload

Choose sounds and press Advanced

Press AKAI import

Create a new group with the name Tastensounds so you can see where sounds are in one map.

Choose use group Tastensounds sounds (the map you just made)

Browse STS

Now you have to choose the drive letter (These are different on every instrument) – for example : D

Click the sound that you want.

Click OK

The samples will now load (do not press any keys during loading) When loading is complete, allocate a slot on the left hand side of the screen.

Now your sample is fully loaded in the OAS system. You only have to do this once for each sample. Now the sample is loaded you can choose to assign to a preset button, as outlined below.



Click back or Zuruck

Click on button mapping to the right hand side of the screen.

Click on USER GROUP and choose the map that you have called SKF Sounds. One the right side you will see the voice you have selected.

Click on the voice with the sound button on the right side. You can select a location to store the sample. For example, if you want to store it in the drawbar button press this button twice so you will have 9 empty slots click on the first empty slot.


You only have to do this ones.

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